Dave Johnson New Works and Jim Mahfood Stacking Pyramids
Stranger Factory


art review ABQ, 2017, Vol. 2, p. 6

Dave Johnson, affectionately known as the reverend has brought his works from Devil Pig Studios to Albuquerque at Stranger Factory in a show simply ttiled, New Works. A well-known comic artist having done work for just about every publisher in the comics industry is probably best known for his crime noir take on the “100 Bullets” comic book series. His style harkens to the clean, graphic style of advertising and pulp magazine covers of the 60s. The pieces represented at the show are a mix of his comic work, book covers and assorted manic drawings associated with the Rev. The show is well-hung with great lighting to complement the small space of the gallery. His work really doesn’t mix well with the overall tone of the space ( a moody, Tim Burton-esque feeling) aside from a few prints by Phil Noto. Still all in all a good show that would attract both art aficiando and fan of well-drawn comics and graphic arts.

Stacking Pyramids is the latest collection of works from Jim Mahfood, another artist who has crossed boudaries from graphic/fine artist to the comic book
realm as well. His sharp mix of ink and acrylic are reminescent of artists like Ralph Steadman and Bill Sienkewicz. Mahfood regularly has work hanging at Stranger Factory and it’s always nice to see new works from him show up here.

An interesting mix of works by both Mahfood and Johnson, the clean, sharp work of Johnson and the more free, looser style of Mahfood. They go well together because of this and I can’t wait to see what they are working on next should the folks at Stranger Factory invite them back again to do another show together.  The exhibition runs from November 3-26, 2017.  Stranger Factory gallery is located 3411 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM.

Michael Kennedy
Los Lunas, NM