Ray Masemen
Heroes, Saints and Expeditions
New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery

art review ABQ, 2016, Vol 1, p.3

Heroes, Saints, and Expeditions by Ray Maseman at the New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery is a great place to be for exploring printmaking and artists at work within the Nob Hill area. Maseman’s multiple-plate etching prints create a sense of determination to conquer new adventures and explorations that lie ahead.
The theme in this show seems to be about the burdens and responsibilities that life throws at us as we grow up and reach adulthood. Maseman has animals representing voyages and discoveries that we make when discovering who we are and what life we are supposed to be leading.

Maseman’s work Entrust could be expressing how hard the real world can be and sometimes we all need to escape reality. The hill is representing the uphill battle that life presents us with, but the giraffe is creating its own fate by taking on the hill in a style which seems to be in a castle on wheels.

Another great example in Maseman’s work is Reunion II that seems to tell a story about a reunion between to people who left their life get in the way of a bond that was once shared. The giraffes seem to be in separate boats coming from opposite directions but in the end could finally be making the time to reconnect. It’s possible that everyone can relate to one of these pieces. Maseman’s multiple-plate etching prints take you out of reality and into an adventure with each print representing a different voyage.

The Heroes, Saints, and Expeditions exhibition at the New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery is warm and inviting to all guests with friendly staff, spacious rooms, great work space and many rooms to explore. Maseman’s show is a fine example of multipleplate etching prints and would be an excellent show for anyone to experience.

Shannon Deluca
London, England